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THE MOTHER is among the pre-selected to compete for the place of representative of Brazil at the Oscars 2023

  • Cristiano Burlan

  • 05 September 2022

Directed by Cristiano Burlan, A MÃE is among those shortlisted to compete for Brazil's representative at the 2023 Oscars, in the Best Feature Film in a Foreign Language category, by the Brazilian Film Academy. The film hits Brazilian cinemas on November 10.

The film made its national debut that month, at the Gramado Festival Competitive Show, from which it came out with the Kikitos for Best Actress, for Marcélia Cartaxo; Best Direction for Burlan; and Best Sound Design, for Ricardo Zollmer. The film made its world premiere at the Malaga Film Festival last March.

Scripted by Burlan and Ana Carolina Marino, the film centers on Maria (Marcélia, award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival, for "A Hora da Estrela"), a woman looking for her son who may have been murdered by military police during an action in the village where they live.

Maria then embarks on a journey in search of her son, and has to face the oppressive bureaucracy of the big cities in order to see him one last time. Thus, A MÃE focuses on another element affected by the systematic genocide in Brazilian peripheries: how are matriarchs who lose their sons and daughters?

The film also features Helena Ignez, Henrique Zanoni, Ana Carolina Marinho, Kiko Marques, Hélio Cícero, Mawusi Tulani, Che Mois, Tuna Dwek, Carlos Meceni, among others.

The feature was shot in São Paulo, in early 2020, with locations in downtown São Paulo and Jardim Romano. The film continues the work developed by, with documentaries and fictions, which aim to bring humanity to the peripheral populations.

The production of the feature is signed by Bela Filmes, and the feature is co-produced by Filmes da Garoa and Cup Filmes. A MÃE will be released in Brazil by Cup Filmes.

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