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Cia dos Infames

The Cia dos Infames was founded by a group of artists from different areas such as cinema, theater, visual arts, music, architecture and literature. The first project - FOUCAULT 30 Years - brought to the city stage the Company's proposal: articulate the theater’s art with the philosophy reflection which contributing to the expansion of the working space of the theater

The Foucault Project 30 Years was composed by the A VIDA DOS HOMENS INFAMES, based on the diaries of Pierre Riviere and Herculine Barbin, brought to light by the philosopher Michel Foucault - and the "Por Um Teatro Não-Facista” (For A Theater Non-Fascist). These plays had  the participation of philosophers and artists such as Ruy son, Samir Yazbek, Maria Eugenia de Menezes, Luis Fuganti, Roberto Alvim, Fabio Zanoni, Daniel Pereira Andrade, Cia Ueinz and Salma Tannus.

The second project of the Company, MÚSICA PERFEITA PARA O SUICÍDIO (The Perfect Music For Suicide), is based on the work of the Romanian’s philosopher Emil Cioran. The play was selected in the 2nd edition of the Zé Renato.

The Cia dos Infames is the theater company of Bela Filmes.