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The Mother



A street vendor who lives in the outskirts of São Paulo returns home at night and does not find her teenager son. After a nonstop search, she finds out the boy was killed by the police and his body is missing. This is the beginning of this woman’s vertiginous fight for the right to bury her son, a fight that will not only unveil the excessive violence of one of most lethal police forces of the world, but also how structural is racism in Brazilian society.


  • Director: Cristiano Burlan
  • Screenplay: Ana Carolina Marinho e Cristiano Burlan
  • Editing: Cristiano Burlan e Renato Maia
  • Executive Production: Priscila Portella
  • Production: Ivan Melo, Cristiano Burlan, Henrique Zanoni, Priscila Portella e Bruno Caticha
  • Photography: Andre S. Brandão
  • Art: Karla Salvoni
  • Soundtrack: Dunstin Farias
  • Direct Sound: Ricardo Zollner e Andre Bellentani


  • Maria: Marcélia Cartaxo
  • Valdo: Dunstin Farias
  • Jonas: Rub Brown
  • Lúcia: Mawusi Tullani
  • Ana: Ana Carolina Marinho
  • Débora Silva: Débora Silva
  • Dulce: Helena Ignez
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