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Fiction, Black And White, 95 min, 2014 Brazil.

Henry is a filmmaker who carried out works that almost anyone have seen. A marginal for lack of choice. In his almost 40s, he faces a difficult time in his life once he just ended his relationship. He is decided to produce  a new film, his obsession is to find a landscape face. Filming for him it is like  a necessity, once he doesn’t have many options


  • Director: Cristiano Burlan
  • Screenplay: Cristiano Burlan e Henrique Zanoni
  • Production: Natália Reis
  • Editor: Marcelo Paes Nunes
  • Photography: Rafael Nobre e Fernanda Brito
  • Direct Sound: Elionai Dias
  • Sound design and mixing: Guilherme Garbato e Guilherme "Xibrusk" Schildberg
  • Original Soundtrack: Guilherme Garbato e Gustavo Garbato
  • Color: Lucas Negrão
  • Art: Tiago Marchesano


  • Henrique Zanoni : .
  • Jean Claude Bernadet: .
  • Rejane Kasting Arruda: .
  • Gustavo Canovas: .
  • Lincoln Péricles: .
  • Cláudio Gonçalves : .
  • Eduardo Bordinhon: .
  • Jorge Larrosa: .
  • Flávia Couto: .
  • Chantal Cidonio : .
  • Simone Makhamra: .
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