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Doc, cor, 90 min, 2010, Brazil


In 1835, it begun in the Grão-Pará province the revolt known as Cabanagem, where the blacks, the indigenous and the mestizos rebelled and took the power from the elite. The Cuipiranga documentary is a search to find and to record the testimony of the descendants in the lower Tapajós region. This revolt is considered the first popular uprising, which went from simple agitation for an effective power takeover.


  • Director, Produção Executiva, Edição, Roteiro, Desenho de Som e Mixagem: Cristiano Burlan
  • Executive Production: Natália Reis
  • Screenplay: Marcelo Paes Nunes e Cristiano Burlan
  • Sound Design: Gus Pereira
  • Direct Sound: Renan Maurício
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