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Fiction, Color, 2008, 51min, Brazil

Angel (Victor Hugo Carrizo) moved from Buenos Aires to São Paulo. In a constant and indefinite search, he is faced with many women, he has mysterious encounter and he is invited to participate in a ritual. Reflection and metaphor of a discordant life.


  • Director: Cristiano Burlan
  • Production: Andréa Haddad
  • Screenplay: Victor Hugo Carrizo e Cristiano Burlan
  • Photography: Cláudio Gonçalves de Oliveira
  • Editing: Marcelo Paes Nunes


  • .: Victor Hugo Carrizo
  • .: Lorena Nobel
  • .: Cláudio Gonçalves de Oliveira
  • .: Manuela Alvim
  • .: Valney Damacena
  • .: Cecília Schofi
  • .: Priscila Squeff
  • .: Felipe Grytz
  • .: Paola Queiroz.
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