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"Elegy of a crime" - now playing

  • Ana Carolina

  • 06 March 2019

"ELEGIA DE UM CRIME" by Cristiano Burlan, premiered exclusively at CineSesc in São Paulo on March 14 and on March 28 on the national circuit. The movie, distributed by Vitrine Filmes, won the ABD-SP (Brazilian Association of Documentary and Short Film) and EDT (Association of Professionals of Audiovisual Edition), of the 23rd Festival É Tudo Verdade, in 2018.

After reminiscing his father's death in "Construction" (2006) and his brother's murder in "Mataram Meu Irmão" (2013), Burlan investigates the tragic murder of his mother in this documentary. The last film of the "trilogy of mourning" seeks to rebuild the image of Isabel Burlan da Silva showing the portrait of a crime committed by her own boyfriend, Jurandir Muniz de Alcântara. Impune, the person in charge is loose, and the search for justice is what moves the Burlan family.
The filmmaker shows through a testimony from family and friends a crime that thousands of women suffer every day: "My mother was the victim of feminicide, we must speak more and more about it," says Burlan. The criminal, who acted out of jealousy, hangs his girlfriend without giving her any chance of defense. Jurandir Muniz de Alcântara is a fugitive from the police and had previously committed this act.
For the director, filming "ELEGIA DE UNA CRIME" was a way to overcome and take revenge on the crime against his mother. "Making movies is looking into the eyes of the abyss. In 'Elegy of a Crime' I exposed parts of my family tragedy, I heard relatives and friends whose testimonies brought to the fore different characters' destinies, mapping the history of these people's painful emotional wounds and my own."

Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, February 24, 2011. Isabel Burlan da Silva, director's mother, is murdered by her companion. "Elegy of a Crime" concludes the "Trilogy of Mourning", that approaches the tragic story of the family. In front of impunity, the film immerses in a vertiginous journey to rebuild Isabel's image and life.


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