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DOC, BW, 2014, 90min, Brazil


From the murder of his father by his uncle, Hamlet is forced to confront its own contradictions and the world around him. Originally set inside a castle, here the tragedy acquires the streets of the city as scenery, and in this space is where the individual impulses emerge and push to the limits of revenge. In a deconstruction of itself, Hamlet delves into the eternal question of the meaning of existence.


Directed by Cristiano Burlan, the play has Henry Zanoni in the main role.  HAMLET was nationally debuted in 2015, and has been selected by the City of São Paulo to be distributed in cinemas in the city.


  • Director: Cristiano Burlan
  • Screenplay: Henrique Zanoni e Cristiano Burlan
  • Production: Cristiano Burlan e Henrique Zanoni
  • Photography: Rafael Nobre
  • Executive Production: Mariela Lamberti de Abreu e Simone Paz
  • Editing: Cristiano Burlan, Grace Pinto e Pedro Leite
  • Direct Sound: Cláudio Gonçalves e Pedro Medeiros
  • Sound Deseigner: Tiago Lorena
  • Prodution: Mariela Lamberti
  • Adittional Editing: Marcelo Paes Nunes
  • Adittional Sound Design: Guilherme Garbato e Gustavo Garbato
  • Image Editing: hue.ninja
  • Color: Lucas Negrão
  • Art: Borys Duque e Tarcila Rigo
  • Clothes: Agatha Pereira
  • Sculptures: Paulo Bordhin
  • Assistent Director: Lincoln Chessa


  • Hamlet: Henrique Zanoni
  • Fantasma: Jean-Claude Bernardet
  • Ofélia: Ana Carolina Marinho
  • Rei Cláudio: Luiz Fernando Resende
  • GERTRUDES: Suia Legaspe
  • POLÔNIO: Paulo Bordhin
  • HORÁCIO: Gustavo Canovas
  • LAERTES: Eduardo Bordinhon
  • DIRETORA DA PEÇA: Rejane Arruda
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