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Doc, color, 11 min, 2007, Brazil


The film is a register from the passage of the Argentine director Lucrecia Martel in São Paulo in February 2007.


The movie was selected by the 31th São Paulo International Film Festival.


  • Director, Roteito, Producao executiva, Producao, Montagem, Fotografia, Som, Editor som e imgaem, Finalizacao e colorizacao: Cristiano Burlan
  • Screenplay: Cristiano Burlan e Pedro Michelli
  • Executive Production: Natália Reis
  • Production: Andréa Haddad
  • Editing: Pedro Michelli
  • Photography: Andrei Assis e Pedro Michelli
  • Sound: Arthur Tuoto
  • Image and Sound Editor: Pedro Michelli
  • Finalization e Color: Helder Filipe
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