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They Killed My Brother



Doc, Color, 2013, 82min, Brazil


The movie is a reconstruction in details of the death of the director’s brother. Rafael Burlan da Silva, died 12 years ago and the filmmaker, Cristiano Burlan, launches a personal journey that leads into the heart of a circle of the violence around his neighborhoods in the suburbs of São Paulo, more specifically, Capão redondo. The brother and director lived with their family  when Rafael was killed with seven shots in 2001.

The movie research  the reasons for the involvement of his brother with drugs and car theft. The director exposes parts of his own family history, he listens relatives and friends, whose testimony bring out the destinations of several characters. The movie maps these histories of painful emotional.



  • Direção: Cristiano Burlan
  • Produção: Natália Reis
  • Fotografia e Câmera: Rafael Nobre
  • Som Direto: Elionai Dias
  • Montagem: Lincoln Péricles e Cristiano Burlan
  • Trilha Original: Guilherme Garbato e Gustavo Garbato
  • Desenho de Som e Mixagem: Casa da Sogra Soluções Sonoras
  • Assistente de Direção: Marina Vaz
  • Câmera Adicional: Marina Vaz e Cristiano Burlan
  • Finalização de Imagem: Daniel Manzini
  • Cartaz: Tiago Marchesano
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