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The Name of Things



Crossing the silence of the dawn, a writer listens and brings to life the characters and stories that are contained in the air, while recalling striking facts of her own life. Based on Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen's work.


  • Director: Henrique Zanoni
  • Costume and Scenary: Carlos Colabone
  • Lighting: Aline Santini
  • Production: Edinho Rodrigues (Brancalyone Produções)
  • Pictures: Beto Amorim
  • Videos: Henrique Zanoni e Marcelo Moraes
  • Viasage: Beto França
  • Sound: Henrique Zanoni
  • Executive Propduction: Fabrício Síndice
  • Sound and video operation: Daniele Dantas
  • Lights operation: Karen Mezza
  • Press: Pombo Correio
  • Realization: Cia dos Infames e Secretaria Municipal de Cultura (Prêmio Cleyde Yáconis)
  • Support: SP Escola de Teatro, Oficina Oswald de Andrade e FUNARTE
  • Idea: Cia dos Infames e Cia Dramática em Exercício


  • Sophia: Suia Legaspe
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