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Symphony of a Lonely Man



Fiction, BW, 93 min, 2012, Brazil.

Inspired by the masterpiece of concrete music "Symphony for one man" Pierre Henry (1950), the film tells the story of a common man leaving the interior of Brazil to try life in São Paulo. The city, in its perpetual process of construction and deconstruction view from the microcosm of a construction site, its workers and a profusion of machines in full swing. The metaphysical revolt of this character is the revolt against his condition and against everything that humiliates him.




  • Director: Cristiano Burlan
  • Production: Natália Reis
  • Photographfy: Paul Domingues
  • Edition: Marcelo Paes Nunes
  • Direct Sound: Gus Pereira
  • Sound design and mixing: Casa da Sogra Soluções Sonoras
  • First Assistent Director: Marina Vaz
  • First Production Assistent: Guilherme Bicudo
  • Second Production Assistent: Amanda Maciel
  • First Photography Assistent: Pedro Miguel Oliveira
  • Aditional Camera: Helder Filipe
  • Continuity: Ana Resner
  • Color: Rafael Nobre
  • Image Finalization: Helder Filipe
  • Still: Marcelo Parducci
  • Making Off: Mariana Teixeira
  • Art: Tiago Marchesano


  • Homem: Henrique Zanoni
  • Mãe: Regina Vianna
  • Encarregado: Hélio Cícero
  • Pai: Zeca Auricchio
  • Arquiteto: Gustavo Canovas
  • Namorada: Joana Freire
  • Trabalhador 1: Clayton Bonardi
  • Trabalhador 2: Jeronimo Freitas
  • Trabalhador 3: Anderson Ferreira da Silva
  • Trabalhador 4: Cláudio Golçalves de Oliveira
  • Trabalhador 5: Warley Santana
  • Trabalhador 6: Luis Paulo Xein
  • Trabalhador 7: Guilherme Bicudo
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